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Govt. college of Education, Buldana is the first teacher’s training college started in 1968 for catering the needs of the in-service primary and secondary teachers and also for imparting in service training to lab-assistants and Science teachers. The college has preserved its ethics and ideals as it is approaching towards silver jubilee celebrations.

Government of Maharashtra took initiatives to start 14 teachers training institutes which were known as B.T. colleges / Normal schools. Area wise distribution of the 14 colleges was five in Vidarbha region, five in Marathawada region and four in western Maharashtra. Out of which now 12 colleges are in existence since establishment. Considering the needs of in-service teacher’s government took responsibility for training untrained teachers, who were appointed in the primary and the secondary schools. The normal schools were headed by principal and were catering the courses like D.Ed. now known as D. El. Ed. and B.T. now known as B.Ed. along with the regular training courses the short duration course like Science teachers training and lab assistant training of about 21 To 28 days were also being conducted after bifurcation of higher education from school education and department of sports. The B.Ed. course which being U.G. course was automatically handed over to Higher and Technical Education and D.I.E.T. came in existence headed by School Education and Sports Department.

Govt. college of Education, B.Ed. is the first teachers training institute established in 1968 in Buldana district. It was established in the huge campus and measuring 17 acres and 05 acres total 22 acres of area. Academic transaction for B. Ed., D.Ed. and other training was being conducted in the building which is constructed on Chikhali road, near Devi temple Buldana. The residential complex for the trainee was constructed in the heart of the city near State Bank of India where the accommodation for trainees, warden, servants and principal were constructed. Buldana is a district place selected by the British as it is on the top of the hills with pollution-free and pleasant atmosphere in Vidarbha region. Even the T.B. and serious diseases hospitals were also established by govt. on this place. The college is managed and run by Department of Higher and Technical Education, Mantralaya, Mumbai through Hon

Director, Higher Education, Pune (Maharashtra State) It is noteworthy to state that inspite of the mushroom growth of private, aided and unaided B.Ed. colleges in Buldana district the college has still kept its tradition to converting the teacher trainees into devoted and dedicated ideal teacher, good officers in Dept. of Education.


To develop the in-service & pre-service teacher trainees into good ideal, devoted & dedicated teachers, master trainers, educational administrators & planners and researchers for rendering their services in education.


  • To help the trainee teachers to shape themselves into devoted, dedicated and ideal teachers.
  • To prepare educational administrators, planners and Educational researcher.
  • To develop the research attitude and research culture among the M. Ed, B. Ed in-service and pre-service amongst the teachers.
  • To increase the knowledge of teachers regarding various allied braches pertaining to teaching and learning like philosophy, sociology, psychology, administration, evaluation methods and modes of teaching and learning.
  • To develop the skills of teaching amongst the trainee teachers.
  • To develop the skills of using the technology in teaching and learning.
  • To bring out quality in teacher training.
  • To enhance the teachers to work devotedly and dedicatedly as educational planners and administrators and human resource in education.


To promote the following core value among the teacher trainees of the institute

  • Contributing to the institution, teacher training institute, Schools & Education Departments.
  • Fostering the globule competencies like Environmental protection, managing the stress, Health awareness, Rain water harvesting, National and International integration.etc. among the trainees students.
  • Promoting the use of technology.
  • Quist of excellence.
  • Inculcating social environmental & scientific values among the trainees.
  • Developing research culture & atmosphere.


  • To increases the Knowledge the foundation of education like Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, School administration & management etc.
  • To develop the Knowledge of pedagogical subjects.
  • To develop the teaching skills like micro teaching, macro teaching and simulated teaching.
  • To foster the values the social global values among the trainees.
  • To help the student to make use of educational technology in teaching learning situation.
  • To foster the research attitude in order to develop research cultures in institution.
  • To imbibe the scientific auto look among the trainees to solve to solve day to problems in education.
  • To enable the trainees to create audio visual teaching aids and to use in their practice teaching.
  • To enhance the capacity to prepare the PPT and E-learning material.
  • To inculcate the competence like narration, lecturing discussion demonstration etc.
  • To enrich the performing the fine arts like educational drawing, drama, music, animation etc.
  • To create conducive atmosphere for the promotion of education by reaching it in the problem areas.
  • To promote Yuga education for keeping the trainees healthy and remove their stress.
  • To acquaint the student with each and every activity of teacher through regroups five months internships activity in practice teaching schools.
  • To find out hidden potentials so as to develop them to use it in formal and nonformula education.
  • To develop the all-round the teacher personality of the trainees.
  • To provide the opportunities like community work and services so as to bring out desired societal change.